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The Power of Choice

December 22, 2017

As I woke up this morning the Lord reminded me, I must choose joy. I must choose love. I must choose thankfulness. I must choose contentment. When the days are hard and all five little ones are stuck to me like glue, all wanting my attention and arguing with each other. I must choose patience and love. When I’m up all night between a little one teething, another one hungry, another one who needs to go  to the bathroom and then another one who has a bad dream. I must choose joy and thankfulness for these five precious little ones the Lord has blessed us with. When I feel the pull of the world to be out of the home more than in it or that I should be doing this or that, I must choose contentment and joy in this season of focusing on my kid and my marriage because I know this season will fly fast and that me pouring into them is the most important thing I can do.

I love the little picture below as it reminds me where true joy comes from. From Yahweh our God. Through spending time with my husband talking and laughing. Through the giggles are we read Llama llama for the 5th time in a row. Through the sweet cuddles and smiles from our baby and watching his siblings cover him with love. Through watching someone find joy in Christ and who they are in Him. Through watching the Church come together and pour into each other. It isn’t about having a big house, having a nice car, having a perfect happy sleep filled life. It’s about finding joy and thankfulness in the blessing the Lord has given us. I love the look of true contentment and happiness by each person in this photo…how even in the midst of the craziness there is true joy.

So as Christmas is now only 3 days away and there are so many things distracting and pulling and contentment is hard to find in the season that is so focused on presents. Remember to be thankful and content where you are. That you don’t need to have it all to be happy, but happiness comes when you find true contentment in the Lord and in your life right where you are. Not 5 years from now, not 2 years ago…but right now in the midst of the season of life your in.

Thankful and blessed,



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