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December 28, 2015

Can you believe that Christmas is over already? I can’t…all that time and excitement built up and in a day it’s over and we look forward to the beginning of a new year.

I’ve been thinking about this year to come…what I’d like to implement…things I’d like to do…things I’d like to start with our kiddos. Would you like to know what I want to do most of all this coming year? To make a true difference and impact in all those around me. I don’t want the days to be wasted but to make the most of every single day. To look for ways to bless those around me. To dig into my relationship with the Lord even more and grow deeper and more passionate about my faith than ever before. To pour into my marriage and spur on my husband to do the great things for God that He’s called to do. To pour into and nurture our children spiritually, physically, emotionally and intellectually. I want to pour into our ministry that the Lord is growing and see peoples lives truly changed. Lives that were once dead and without purpose, having life and meaning.

With that there will be some changes to the blog occurring as well. I’ve been asking the Lord to give me a vision for this blog…a new purpose and focus. I don’t know about you but I love finding blogs that I leave feeling encouraged, challenged and helpful in season I’m in. And I want this blog to be the same in that way. The Lord is still growing my vision for it but I’ll let you in on a small glimpse. 😉

I want this blog to be a place where women can come and be challenged spiritually. Where they can turn to when their having a rough day and be reminded of truth and that they are not alone in this journey. A place that gives a look into life with soon to be four little ones, all four and under; and the peace in the chaos the Lord gives. I want it to be a place where people can find easy recipes and meal plans to help  make life simpler and to give them more time to spend with their children and husbands. I want it to be a place that gives a look into life in ministry, the ups and downs. And a place where as we are starting a new journey of homeschooling, I can share ways to make it not so overwhelming and engaging for your little ones.

I want this blog’s focus for the coming year to be somewhere where you can read and know I’m just like you and trying to figure out how to balance being a wife, mom, pastor’s wife, homemaker, friend, daughter, and the many other hats we as women wear. And to be a place of stopping for women in all kinds of seasons of life.

So stick with me the next few weeks as I try to unravel this vision the Lord is giving me and as we are in just 10 days getting ready to welcome our 4th little baby into the world and the many other changes that are ahead for us as a family.

And I encourage you with the new year approaching, what do you want to do in this new year? How do you want it to be different? What goals do you have? Be realistic too…we tend to have these grand plans for the new year every year but never get very far and feel defeated before we even begin, because they aren’t practical or realistic. Take into consideration your season of life and put the most important things in first. But have a plan, make a list and dream of how you  want make an impact this year.


Looking forward with excitement,


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