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Wow! I cannot believe it’s been so long since I last wrote an email or post through Simply Following. I wasn’t planning on taking such a long break from this website and social media, but I am so thankful I did and for what I have been learning. 

Let me explain a bit 😊

As my website really started taking off, I realized I was falling into the trap that I told myself I wouldn’t. Comparing myself to other homeschool moms. Second guessing my curriculum choices. Wondering if I was really doing a good job homeschooling. Trying to get out as much content as I could to keep people coming back. Then feeling torn between time with my husband and finishing a blog post in the evening. All the while trying to keep up with the crazy amount of laundry and feeding my tribe. 

At the peak of high traffic here, I really felt like the Lord wanted me to take a step back to reevaluate, focus on my family, and homeschooling with FULL focus. To enjoy this season that I’m in with my kids, and being intentional without distraction. I felt like my life was revolving around social media and putting out content. And that’s never been my goal or mission with Simply Following. I don’t have pictures on my website of my kids or myself because this website isn’t about me or putting myself out there. It’s about encouraging moms in their journeys of motherhood, marriage, and homeschooling. The ability to encourage moms that their not alone, even if they have no one in their corner that they would have a spot of encouragement on those hard days. It’s not about what I think is right or wrong in homeschooling curriculum, but equipping with tools that I’ve found that have helped for our family and that I think could help others.

There are SO many voices out there telling you, “This is the best! “You have to have this!” “This book will solve all your problems!” “This curriculum is perfect and you need it!” 

Our fears and insecurities for our children being to take hold…what if I’m not providing a good education for my child? I should switch because this one will be the best. I’m tired and worn down, maybe I’m not meant for this. 

What if my kids grow up and walk away from God? I need this new devotional and it will help.  What if my child never learns to read? What if I don’t prepare my child for college? What if my child doesn’t learn how to write? I should try this other writing curriculum. 

Ultimately then it turns to our insecurities about ourselves. Am I even good enough? Smart enough? Patient enough? Brave enough? For this life I have before me. 

Let me tell you as I needed to hear this…YOU ARE ALL those things as you lean on the Lords strength. He will give you everything you need to be confident, content, and fulfilled in the life that He has given you. We must stop the comparison game. God has given us our children and we are the perfect mom for them. The greatest curriculum, perfect routine or best fitness plan will not fix the insecurities we have in this life. Only God can. Those things can help in equipping you, but most important is the motherly instinct that God gives us knowing what is right or wrong for our family.

Sweet mom, you are enough. Most of what you see on Instagram, Facebook or wherever isn’t real. People want this perfect life with no troubles, kids who sit perfectly still and days that don’t have tantrums from your oldest whatever their age might be. But life is messy. Life is an adventure. Life can be full. You can have contentment right where you’re at. 

Our kids need us. They need our focus. They need our attention. They need to have their love tanks filled. They need to be taught through our examples and faith, for who God is. They need to know what it truly means to follow Christ. But that starts with us. We are the heart of the home. We have the connection into our children’s and husband’s heart. What if each of us pour into our children and marriage, more than social media? What if we were intentional every day with our family? We could change the world if we just started at the home. 

That is where it’s all changed and we’ve seen such a break down of our society. Families are broken by divorce. Children are left to themselves with peers who are the ones guiding them in how they should live. Marriages are distant because we spend more time correcting our spouses (behind or to their faces or both), more than encouraging, listening and laying down our own selfish wants for our spouses. What if we sought to change the world, by just focusing on our family. Shut off the Instagram, step away from Facebook and stop living your life through someone else. Shut your computer and look into your child’s eyes when they are talking, so they really know you care. Turn off the phones this evening and ask your spouse how their day was and listen, don’t wait for them to ask you about yours, or be upset if they don’t. Just listen. 

We can change our culture each family at a time. The more who truly take that plunge to be intentional, the more people they will impact. 

There is so much more I want to share, but I will save that for another post soon. 😊 As time allows I want to share how this year looks much different in our homeschool journey. How the Lord has brought simplicity and the ability to enjoy this season of life. And how that has flowed into our home routine, and family focus. 

Until then, keep your eyes up.


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