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September 8, 2019

Have you ever been in those places where God pushes you out of your comfort zone by given you a dream that is bigger than yourself? You’re terrified, yet excited to take that step. But everything that awaits is unknown.

That is were I have been for quite a few months. The Lord began putting this stirring and dream of a community of homeschooling moms who came together from all different backgrounds and ways of homeschooling. For the purpose of building each other up, sharing about their struggles, talking about the moments they love in these child raising years and coming away knowing that they weren’t alone in homeschooling. I made a comment to my husband that I wished that there was a homeschool convention here in town or something bigger that was done where you could go and learn and connect with more people and people could ask questions about things that they were struggling with or wanting advice on. And in his true visionary personality he says, “Why don’t you do something then?”

Anyone that knows me knows that I am an introvert and the idea of starting something terrifies me. I enjoy being behind the scenes and doing things one on one with people. But this desire in my heart continued to stir of wondering what that would look like. More importantly, was this something that God was stirring inside me?

I put it on the back burner and didn’t think much about it. However, as the weeks went on it seemed like every time I turned around I was being connected with some person about homeschooling, and coming along side a mom to be a coach so they would feel confident in their homeschooling journeys.

And the dream continued to grow…

“What if…”

So with my husband’s continued spurring on, a sweet friend’s encouragement and the confidence that this was God’s timing with it all, I took the first step… and then another… and have been absolutely blown away and humbled at how the Lord continues to open doors.

What are those steps you may be asking?

One step has been to create a bi-yearly event where homeschooling moms and those who are interested in homeschooling, can come together, ask questions and grow. Where they leave feeling encouraged, confident and equipped in their homeschooling journeys. And where most importantly they don’t feel the overwhelming feeling of isolation that sometimes homeschooling brings. So if you are in the area and have seen the flyer, I hope that you join us on October 3rd for a night to connect with other moms and be handed tools to help equip you to have an amazing school year.

Our next event is slated to be held mid-January, specifically on homeschool curriculum. Asking the questions of: How do you pick a curriculum? What do you look for? Do you have to do everything as it says? How do you balance multiply age levels? And much more. I am beyond excited to see what God does with these!

For so long, I’ve known that my passion for homeschooling and coming along side moms was something the Lord had put in my heart to do. Now seeing what He is doing through that is humbling, exciting and makes me so nervous all in one! 🙂

Remember, we’re better together. Let’s get going.

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