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The high school years can seem daunting and overwhelming. Maybe you’ve been homeschooling since kindergarten and now you are approaching the 9th grade year worried you’re not going to prepare them enough for college or life after high school. Or maybe you want to start homeschooling in the high school years, but you don’t know where to start. Questions like: what do you use for curriculum? How do you record keep in high school? And what credits do you even need to graduate? These questions and many more, weigh on your mind and you wonder where to go for the answers.

First let me reassure your anxious heart, you CAN homeschool in the high school years. You are an amazing homeschool parent! How do I know? Because you are searching out the answers to truly succeed in these high school years. My heart’s desire is to help homeschooling families feel confident in their homeschool journeys and be successful doing it.

I have sifted through a ton of research and resources to help find you what you need to help you feel confident in homeschooling and be able to truly enjoy these last years you have with your child in your home. They will be listed here for easy access to come back to and feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have! 🙂

Wondering what your state laws are for homeschooling? Click this link to find out the laws in all 50 states!

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