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Homeschooling Multiple Kids – Our 2020 Routine

September 9, 2020

One of the most asked questions I get is:

How do you balance homeschooling 5 kids?

If you didn’t already know, I have five kids from 5th grader down to a 3 year old who keep me very busy throughout our day! So today we are going to talk about that! 🙂

If I could only give you one piece of advice when homeschooling with multiple kids that has helped our school years always flow well when we did them, it would be to implement a routine. It will truly save your sanity when you are juggling multiple kids! You and your children will know what to expect in your day, when so and so will get one on one time with you to go over math, when you will do group subjects, when you will get in reading with your kindergartener, etc. Not only does this help you as the parent thrive in homeschooling, but also your kiddos in having that structure!

So today we’re going to walk through what our routine has been looking like recently. There are two ways you can do a schedule/routine either by having specific times attached or by following more of a flow or order that you do things. We have tried both ways before, but the one that fits best for our family is the flow routine.

Here is what our routine looks like this school year…

Before Breakfast

Before breakfast time, my kids know that they need to get their morning chores done. Which are: making their beds, getting dressed for the day, brushing teeth/hair, and picking up their bedroom.


We have start doing our bible time and scripture memory time while the kids are eating breakfast, and it’s been a game changer! Not only are they sitting still then because they have food, but are paying more attention, and we are starting first off with prayer and digging into God’s Word together at the very start of the day.

After Breakfast

Right after breakfast my 4 older ones have their table chores to do. Meanwhile, I am getting laundry going and finishing getting stuff put together to start our school day. This has also been the time that I will try to spend some time with my 3 year old reading or playing with him. That way he can get his love tank filled up a bit, and hopefully then be content to play by myself while I work with the other kids on school.

Morning school time

I try to shoot every morning to start school at about 9am, but I don’t stress if it’s later or earlier. The nice thing about having a simple flow routine is that it doesn’t matter when you start, but once you start everything follows in the same pattern.

We start off our morning with our morning time which takes about 5 minutes (pledge of allegiance, calendar time, weather, and working on our reciting all the books of the Old Testament), then we move onto History or Science (more to come on what we are using this year for all our subjects!), next up is loop basket, and last working on handwriting together. We have really enjoying switching it up with different subjects first off in the morning. I recently watched a video by Sondra Shafer from Simply Charlotte Mason where she talked about switching up different subjects that use different parts of your brain. So if you are doing something that is more interactive, then follow it by reading aloud (like history), after that something that is interactive again and so on.

Next we jump into our independent studies for each kid, as you can see each one is working on independent studies while I work with a child one on one. So far we’ve just had to tweak a little, but it’s gone so well!


Usually, we are done around lunch with school but if there is anything that my older ones have left, we have a time after chores to complete that. We stick with simple lunches that way we have a small amount of prep time and clean up afterwards. And then everyone signs up for their chores on the white board (more on how we do chores here). We have continued to use this system and it’s by far been the best and easiest chore system we’ve done!


After chores and school are completed, kiddos are able to do whatever they would like for the afternoon. We do have quiet time from about 1:30pm-3pm that we are getting back into the swing of, but other than that we keep things simple and I encourage the kids to play, read, or get outside if the weather is nice.

Before Dinner

I will usually have a helper with me at dinner time and this is also the time that my kids typically will have their screen time. That way the younger two boys especially are busy, and I can focus on making dinner without worrying about what my sweet little boys are getting into while I’m trying to make dinner. 😉

After Dinner

The last block of the day is after dinner, each of the kids help me get the kitchen cleaned up, if it’s bath night we’ll get those done, pjs on, and bedrooms picked up. We end our night together reading our family read aloud, which right now is David Livingstone by Janet and Geoffe Benge and we are loving it!

And that’s what a normal day looks like for us! 🙂 I hope this is a help and if you have any questions feel free to comment below or send me a message through the contact. 🙂

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