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Horizons math grades 1-4 review

April 15, 2020

When we first started out homeschooling, I did a ton of research on math curriculums. After looking at different maths, I decided on Horizons. We did horizons for my oldest til 3rd grade and 2nd child til 2nd grade. But when my oldest started getting very frustrated with how fast they move through concepts. On top of the fact that I was having trouble explaining things to her, as the teacher’s guide didn’t have much guidance. In my mom heart, I knew we needed to take a step back as she was struggling to understand it and I didn’t want her to hate math forever or think she wasn’t good at math.

After much researching and talking with others, I decided then to try Teaching Textbooks, which seemed to work great. Plus, it was on the computer which meant I didn’t have to grade or teach it unless she needed help (*win*). But after a little over a year, I realized she was getting all As, but if you asked her questions or a word problem she really struggled. Come to find out, so did my other daughter who was right below her. This is by no means a knock at Teaching Textbooks program. I know a lot of people who use it, love it and it works great for their kids. It just didn’t work for mine and want to share the whole of our math journey. 🙂

So again the math research began! I had a friend who let me see different math curriculums she had to be able to compare them all to each other. We looked at Singapore for a few lessons and again wasn’t a good fit. Saxon. Again wasn’t a good fit. She did the work, but she hated it. She went from two very visual appealing curriculum to black and white, so it makes sense. 😉

Where did we end up? Right back to our roots. Now all 3 of my kids are doing Horizons. After trying or looking at different curriculums, I also feel like this is one of the few programs that is workbook style that you can do with multiple kids and not feel like you’re going crazy at the end of it. 🙂 Plus, it’s affordable for large families.

*Disclaimer: These are books my kids use or are about to use that I’m sharing with you that way you can see the progress of the curriculum. So there will be marks, coloring and random scribbles included in the up close looks. 🙂

This is the Teacher’s guide for K. They do a great job in this explaining concepts. I don’t use it all the time, but it’s nice to have if your child is struggling a bit as they have extra worksheets and ideas for hands on things to do for the lesson. (*Frugal tip: don’t by this new! You can find it on ebay, homeschoolclassified.com or thriftbooks.com for MUCH cheaper*).

1st grade book 1
1st grade book 2
2nd grade book 1
2nd grade book 2
3rd grade book 1
3rd grade book 2

Here is the Teacher’s guide for 3rd grade. For times that I feel like it doesn’t give much guidance for introducing a topic, I will find a youtube video or khan academy to help explain it. I do think this one is a must to buy, but again buy used.

Answer keys are in the back
Extra worksheets
4th grade book 1
4th grade book 2
As you can see in the corner of this picture, the book 1 cover is different from book 2. Another frugal tip is that you can sometimes find these on thriftbooks.com for half the price! As long as they are in “very good” condition, I have never had a problem! And they are all the same, just different covers.

Here is the teacher’s guide for 4th grade.

Answer keys for lessons in the back
extra worksheets are also in the back

All in all, no program is perfect and I really like Horizons. I will continue to use them til we hit the 6th/7th grade. When we came back to their curriculum, I noticed a huge difference with my kids. It’s truly given my kids a solid foundation for math, which was very evident because when they started back they began excelled again. Plus, it’s one of the few curriculums I feel like I can juggle with multiple kids, and since I’ve got 5 of them that’s a big deal. 🙂

I hope this was a help for you to see the progression of the program. And to hear from a mom who’s tried lots of math curriculum and why we went back to our roots.

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