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Kicking Time Waster to the Curb

April 8, 2015

The Lord has been making it clear to me the past few days that I need to kick the time wasters that I have in my life to the curb. That I can’t do all He’s called me to do if I have so many things distracting me from it.

How many times am I busy texting when my little one comes up to me needing attention and I brush them aside with a nod and “oh really? You should go finish playing that”, so that I can finish my text? How many times am I on the phone when some type of discipline problem comes up that I should take care of, but don’t want to stop talking so I brush it aside with a stern face and “Don’t do that again”? How many times do I just want something mindless to look at so I spend time looking something up on the internet or looking aimlessly through pinterest, when all of a sudden I’ve wasted an hour with nothing to show for it?

There are so many other examples of time wasters such as these that keep me from investing my full self in the calling that the Lord has given me. While their not bad things in and of themselves, they are things that I can spend too much time focused on and become distracted from the things that truly matter.

So I’m marking down this day that the time waster’s MUST go…

  • Surfing the internet mindlessly
  • time wasting apps
  • movies (other than the occasional one with my husband or kids)
  • texting without purpose
  • calls longer than 30 minutes while my little ones are up…

My focus MUST be clear! I can’t be distracted by these things that keep me from doing my calling. There are so many who need to know the Lord…so many who need help…my own children and husband, especially, need me to pour into them wholehearted and with FULL attention.

I don’t want to waste my life and look back with regret. I want to live with intention. On a mission. Passionate. Whole-hearted. Bold. Loving. Reaching out. Helping. Holding and loving my little ones. Falling more in love with my husband by pouring into our marriage.

But I MUST be single focused to do that. I MUST come up with a plan, otherwise I’ll just keep wishing and nothing will change.

I WANT so badly to have that strong, passionate, burning, radical, fully surrendered relationship with the Lord.

But that means things MUST change. Goals MUST be set. Plans MUST be made. And distractions done away with.

I know I will NEVER look back and say, “I really wish I had spent more time on pintrest or surfing the internet…”

But I WILL look back and say, “I really wish I had spent more time pouring my FULL attention into my kids”

…”I really wish that I had spent more time finding way to bless my husband…”

…”I really wish I had spent more time studying my Bible, journaling, and reading books that challenged and encouraged me…”

…”I really wish I had spent more time becoming a prayer warrior…a intercessor for people, most importantly for my family…”

…”I really wish I had reached out beyond myself to other…”

I don’t want to look back at “I wishes” when I have no excuses to not make themI will’s

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