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Language Art for High School – The Good and the Beautiful

May 22, 2020

If you are looking for a solid, easy to use, beautiful high school language art curriculum that also incorporates: geography, poetry, art, and more. In addition, to preparing your high schooler for college with strong writing skills and grammar understanding. You’re search is over!

The Good and the Beautiful has created a beautiful curriculum now for high school. Below I will show you an up close look at the High School 1 set. When you receive the set it comes with: Grammar & Writing Guide, 10 unit booklets, study cards, and 5 books. Student will work through the booklets, watch the videos for helpful instructions, and read books that are integrated into the units. After a student completes the booklet, then you are able to check it with the answer key provided.

Let’s get an up close look! 🙂

Here is the Grammar & Writing book which is used as a helpful tool to parents and students through all 3 of the High School levels. Inside it contains instructions for writing, grammar, punctuation, and more. It also has links to videos for extra help for some lessons. The other great thing is that once you buy it, you don’t have to again for next year. I love how The Good & The Beautiful try to make things affordable as possible for homeschooling families!
Aren’t these booklets beautiful?! I love how it’s all split up into multiple books to work through for the year.
Here is a flip through of unit 3
Unit 8
Unit 10
Included are these 5 books. I included the synopsis from The Good and the Beautiful’s website, so you can see what each book is about.
“Booker T. Washington’s story begins in a Virginia slave hut and ends with worldwide recognition and a life of incredible accomplishments. In this fascinating autobiography, Booker T. Washington tells his own story with skillful, engaging writing. Not only does the book give insights into a remarkable man, but it also shares profound messages about persistence, education, hard work, humility, strength, service, and sacrifice.”
“The adventures of three Arctic explorers—Fridtjof Nansen, Robert Edwin Peary, and Matthew A. Henson—are told in this compilation of biographical and autobiographical stories. These fascinating and inspiring accounts are packed with excitement and educational value. Why will the explorers die if they eat the snow when they are thirsty? Why was it sometimes necessary to blow up the ice to save their lives? What explorer lost all of his toes except for one due to frostbite?”
“David was raised in an isolated mountain cabin by a devoted father who taught David to love beauty, nature, and music. When David’s father becomes seriously ill, he decides to take David to relatives that the boy has never met. But partway into the journey, his father dies. David does not know the names of his relatives or even the name of his father, which his father had a reason for not telling him. This story is not just about what happens to David, but also what happens to all those who enter his life after this tragic event.
“John Greenleaf Whittier worked tirelessly on his father’s farm, making sure he finished the day’s work before allowing himself to pen the lines of poetry that filled his mind. Eventually, though a difficult choice, John Greenleaf Whittier risked his budding career as a successful poet, editor, and politician—and his life—to join the unpopular anti-slavery movement. As difficult as the decision was, Whittier knew that “the right must win and that duty must be done at all costs.” He dedicated the majority of his life to fighting slavery, and as a result, he lived in poverty most of his life and struggled to care for those he loved. Little did he know the poetry and legacy he left behind would touch the lives of thousands of people for decades after his death.”
“Things are not easy for Jared Austin, but with hard work and indomitable perseverance, he turns his life into something beautiful, just like the walls that he stencils. This historical fiction novel features fascinating character development, an engaging and unpredictable plot, and wonderful insights into life in New England during the early 1800s, including the “frozen year” of 1816. Elizabeth Yates has woven in moving messages of kindness, gratitude to God, faith, appreciation of nature, hard work, love of learning, self-improvement, optimism, humility, long-suffering, and patience.”
Here are the high school cards. Again once you buy them you are set through year 3!
Includes states/capitals, countries, and more georgraphy.
Also has Greek and Latin Roots for year 1 and 2.
I love these poetry cards too! On one side is the poem and on the other side words are taken out to help them memorize it better.

The Good and the Beautiful has once again created a beautiful curriculum that will prepare your high schooler for college level work. Focusing not only on becoming a better writer, but also on being a man or woman of good moral character. Interweaving amazing literature throughout their units and books that your student will love.

If you are interested in purchasing or seeing more details, click here.

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