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Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

January 19, 2016

We are officially parents of four little ones as our newest little addition is here! And I can hardly believe he’s 2 weeks old this week! The Lord definitely answered my prayer as it was an uneventful delivery and recovery has been the best so far! Our little guy is the such a cutie and joy to have and his siblings absolutely love him and are adjusting well to having a new little brother, which is another huge answer to prayer!

It’s been one of the sweets things to see our older son, who’s 17 months old, wanting to hold his little brother anytime he sees him. Or give him hugs and kisses all the time. And nothing melts my heart more than seeing him sharing his toys with his little brother or making him so play food and expecting his little brother to start playing with him.

Our girls are so sweet with their littlest brother as well and constantly are being little “moms” to both of their brothers. Picking out his little outfits and helping me with diaper changes. They are such great big sisters and also enjoy cuddling with their little brother!

Or this evening, as my husband held our little guy and started talking to him. The little guy with wide eyes just stared at his daddy and was so fascinated by his voice.  And his eyes intently studied his daddy’s face in wonder. He did this for over 10 minutes just enthralled with his daddy and it absolutely was the most precious thing to watch!

While we have had such sweet moments watching the kids with their little brother and snuggling with a newborn again, its definitely been a challenge as well. There hasn’t been much of a dull moment, day or night, in our house. Whether its being up all night with the littlest guy or having the older three take turns for the whole night, like their in shifts to keep mom and dad awake all night. Or the non-stop energy that our three oldest have since its winter and they can’t go outside to run around. I’ve had my moments of being very overwhelmed with four little ones all needing me at the same time and still being in pain from surgery  or so tired I could barely keep my eyes open from being up all night for a few days. I’ve had my times of tears at trying to figure out how to juggle everything and feeling very ill-equipped with how to be a mom to four little ones.

But in that weak and broken moment the other day, the Lord reminded me again that I can’t give my little ones what they need if I’m not relying on Him for my strength every moment  of the day. Because without God, I can’t be the mom they need and I won’t be able to handle the day in and day out things that come with having four little ones so close together. I’m truly nothing without His strength. And if I’m looking to my own strength or desire to be a great mom and wife, I’m going to fail and come up short because there is no way I can do this on my own.

Then the Lord reminded me of  what Leslie Ludy says in her book “Set-Apart Motherhood” and I wanted to share it as a reminder and an encouragement to moms reading this. Whether you have one kid, two kids or ten kids, you have such an important calling and sometimes we need to be reminded,  especially when our energy is lacking, just how important that calling is and where our focus needs to be.

“Mothering can be intensely frustrating and often feels futile. Being a mom disrupts every aspect of your life. Mothers have no downtime, no vacation from raising kids. We cannot take a break from our calling as mothers. It’s a job that requires us to be n call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week…Moms of small kids can’t just clean the house every few days and expect it to stay that way. We have a team of little rascals working to undo all of our hard work around the house. They play with the laundry we just folded and dump all our makeup out of the drawer we just organized. They spill spaghetti sauce on freshly cleaned carpets and draw with marker on newly painted walls…

In moments such as these, the voice of Despair whispers to my soul, Your life is so chaotic. You might as well give up on expecting anything more. Don’t even try. It’s always going to be this way.

Then the voice of Self-Pity chimes in: Poor, poor you. No one understands how hard your life is. Raising four little kids is so stressful and diffifult. Everyone else has it so easy, but you never get a break!

My respond to these voice is what leads to either victory or defeat in my mothering. If I entertain these lies, even for a moment, they take root in my soul and grow. Soon the whole day becomes chaotic and discouraging. I feel overwhelmed and exhausted, and my efforts to bring order and peace seem futile. The moment I resign myself to the ‘life with kids is chaos’ attitude, I no longer have the energy to battle for beauty, order and peace. I’m resigned to mediocrity.

But when I cry out to God for victory, He comes to my rescue . He gives me the strength  to resist the temptation to throw my hands up in despair or wallow in self-pity. He redeems a day that might otherwise have ended in discouragement and fill it with peace and joy. He calms my tumultuous emotions. He quiets my hyper children. He helps me find their missing shoes. He gives me wisdom for how to organize our routine so that leaving the house becomes smoother and easier. And He opens my eyes to see the sacred privilege He’s given me-helping shape, nurture and train four future world changers.

Being a good mom doesn’t mean being perfect. It means becoming dependent upon the only One who is. Whenever I lean fully and completely on Jesus Christ, He faithfully points me to His perfect pattern for motherhood, one situation at a time….

…Our job is not to try to become supermoms or Proverbs 31 women in our own strength. Our job is to surrender to God without reserve and to trust Him with every detail of this heavenly calling. No matter how ill-equipped you may feel as a mother, God has a beautiful purpose for your motherhood roles, and He desires you to be strong and prepared for this sacred task.




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