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When I saw this release from The Good and the Beautiful, I was so excited! We are getting ready to start our Mammals study, and I knew this would be a great way to get my two younger ones involved. I’m always looking for things to help my littles learn right along side my older children. And ways to keep their little hands busy, so they’re not into mischief. 😉 The Good and the Beautiful truly did not disappoint with this set! I love it so much and can’t wait for next week when we start our unit and my boys will be using these!

The awesome thing about this set too, is that it stands by itself. So whether you’re just looking for books for your littles, or for them to be involved in the mammals science unit study. It’s beautiful illustrated and teaches your littles about mammals in a way that is just right for them!

Now let’s get a closer look!

The set includes all 4 of these things: I Can Spy Mammals & Nature, What Can You Do Kangaroo?, Small Mammals flip book, and Large Mammals flip book.

This is the large mammal flip book.

Here’s the matches that they’ll do doing.

All you have to do is cut along the dotted lines for each page and then they can flip and match up the right animals to each other.

These are the animals they’ll be matching in the small mammals book.

This book is so cute! I love the illustrations in it and how it meets littles just right with information, in a fun and engaging way.

I really love how it has the “Did you know?” parts on the side and gets kiddos interacting with finding the different images in the pictures.

Next week can’t come soon enough to start digging into these! If you’d like to purchase for your little one, check out this link.

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