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Notgrass History – World History

April 12, 2020

If you are looking for a textbook style history for your high schooler, your search could be over. I had reached out to Notgrass at the end of last year about any resources they could send for our homeschool night. Their curriculum really caught my eye, and also did of others in our email subscribers when given options of companies to see up close. They graciously sent us some amazing resources for that evening, that I also wanted to share with you. Their curriculum is perfect if you are looking for something to hand to your high schooler and be more a little more hands off in their history. What’s awesome too, is that at the end of this course if the student completes everything they can receive one credit in world history, one credit in English, and one credit in Bible!

Notgrass was started by Ray and Charlene Notgrass and their family. They have a love of history and making it come alive for students. And they do an amazing job making that happen. Now let’s get down to the fun part of looking at this history up close!

This is the Exploring World History set and comes with Part 1: Creation through Middle Ages, Part 2: The Renaissance to the 21st century, In Their Words, student review workbook, quiz and exam book, answer keys and a little booklet talking about grading and credit for the course. Below are pictures of the tables of contents so you can see what it all covers.

I love how the textbook is all nicely laid out and all the information is beautifully written.

Part 2 picks up where part 1 book leaves off starting in the Renaissance and ending at the present age.

Again I love how everything is so well laid out. Throughout both books they have these pages below instruction of memory work, books to read and a project to choose.

In Their Words book is full of stories, speeches and much more. They are directed when to read articles from it.

This book includes the review questions for each lesson. Parents will appreciate too the “notes to the parents” in each of different books to help you use the curriculum.

Quizzes and exam book
answer key book

I love how they have this included for those trying to figure out how to grade in high school and how many credits things count as.

This is such a great resource for high schoolers if you are looking for a textbook style that your student can use and you just oversee. Or if you’re looking to great multiple credits from one curriculum. It’s got beautiful illustrations, comes from a biblical worldview and the lay out flows really great!

Check out their website here if you’re interested in seeing more or purchasing.

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