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Operation Organization: Organizing The Good and the beautiful science unit

May 13, 2020

We have done over 5 science units now from The Good and The Beautiful and we have loved each one. However, I don’t like how I have organized them all. I’ve tried every way you could do it: in a large file folder, taking it to Office Max to be spiral bound, hole punching and putting in a binder, and page protecting it in a binder. Which way has worked the best? I will share that with you and pictures for exactly how I prep a unit below. 🙂

I have found the easiest way to prep a unit is by page protecting it and putting it in a 1 inch binder. Then using divider tabs with folders in them to hold the extra things for each unit. I love the page protectors more because it keeps the lessons staying nice and from being wrecked by little hands. 😉 Like the water glass that gets spilled, a toddler who finds a marker or pencil on the table and wants to do their own school in the science unit book, or kids needing to copy somethings from the lesson and fighting over the page and tearing it. I mean…I know this doesn’t actually happen at anyones house, but just in case. 😉

Another reason, I have like using the binder system over other methods is because it makes it truly open and go. I have everything all in one place and ready for that day: mini books, vocabulary cards, and worksheet. Plus it takes up very little room. While spiral bounding the unit technically takes up less space, once you try to find a place for all those extra things in a small box or pouch. You have something else you have to grab before you start, as well as, trying to find each of the little things that go with it.

Since we are starting our Mammals unit this week, I thought it would be the perfect time to take some pictures and show you the process of how I set it all up! 🙂 I will also link the extra things I use at the end of this post.

First off, I get everything that is being used in the course, page protectors, divider folders, laminator, scissors, and my laminator pouches.
When you first receive a science unit it will all be loose as you see above.
I put everything in the page protectors to keep the pages safe. That way when we use the unit again it’s all ready to go!
Vocabulary cards are also loose. I laminate them so I can tape them onto a tri-folding board, that way they don’t get wrecked and we can use them again in the future.
After being laminated and starting to cut them up
As I start putting things in page protectors, I also set aside the things I need to make copies of, that way I can make the copies ahead of time. *Note* Don’t forget to put aside a page protector for the main copy sheet, that way it doesn’t get used or messed up.
Each lesson has it’s own file divider that holds the handouts, vocabulary cards, and mini books.
Here are how the mini books come, so as I come to the lesson I just cut them quick, staple and put them in the lesson folder.
Everything is all ready for that lesson!
If you saw in my post here, I purchased the Mammals for Littles to get my preschooler and 2 year old more engaged in our study. The only prep I needed with that was to cut the pages so they could flip the pages to match it up.
From the Big Mammals
Little Mammals
And that’s it! Your whole science unit is ready to go! It typically takes me about an 1 hour to get everything copied, cut, and put in the right places. We just started this lesson today and it may turn out to be our favorite! This unit also has videos that The Good and the Beautiful made. All my kids from the 4th grader down to the 2 year old loved them and asked to watch more! 🙂

What I used:

To purchase this unit or other units from The Good and the Beautiful check out their website here!

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