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Purpose and Direction

March 15, 2018

Purpose and direction…what I’ve been praying for with this blog. If you have been to my blog before you’ve noticed that it got much simpler. I’ve been really asking myself…what is this blog about? And plainly said, it’s about simply following God and how we can do that in our daily lives. I don’t want to have a blog to just write random recipes, quotes, things I’m learning or be used as venting tool. I want it to be an instrument to encourage moms, wives, women in ministry, etc right where you’re at and to know, you’re not alone.

In an age were social media keeps us closed up in our homes, comparing with one another. Everything from the clothes we wear, to the better schedule, to the better curriculum, and to feeling like we must raise perfect kids. All it does is weigh us down and breeds discontentment. The joy continues to get sucked out of our lives, why? Because we’re not just being the person God created us to be! We’re trying to conform to others, instead of just being ourselves. And not feeling threatened by those who do it differently, but encouraging and uplifting our sisters in Christ as we’re all trying hard to navigate this life. Instead though, we push people away because we don’t want them to see that our houses are a mess, that we lose our temper with our kids and that dinner was chicken nuggets with applesauce (protein and fruit, at least part of the food groups ;)). Or we act super “spiritual” and like everything is perfect; and in turn push people away too because then they don’t feel like they measure up to you. Sweet sisters, why do we feel like we’re in competition? Why can’t we just embrace the different personalities that God has given us all and that we’re all going to do it a little differently, because we’re all originals.

All that to say, that I want to write and be free to be me. No what others want me to write, not what I think I should write but just being authentic.

So I’m excited to truly simplify things and not feel like I need to make this blog into something that I’m not. But just to write from my heart each time whatever the Lord puts on it.

Will you join me in this journey to live with purpose and less regret? 


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