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Sifting through curriculum Part 2 – Finding out your teaching style and why it’s important

March 18, 2020

We talk a lot about kids learning styles, but have you ever thought about how important your teaching style is in your homeschooling journey? I believe this is the second most important key when you are sifting through curriculum. But how do you know what kind of teaching style you have? Let’s find out! πŸ™‚

Have you ever taken a Meyers-Brigg test? If so, keep on reading and find your personality in the list. However, if you haven’t, I’d like you to take a moment to take one before continuing to read. That way you know which description for your personality you fit in best. My favorite is the 16 Personalities test because its free, easy, fast and explains your personality type in detail. So before you read on, take the test here. Don’t worry I’ll wait for you. πŸ™‚

Now that you took it, you’ll notice different letter orders. So match those up below to find your homeschool mom personality!

The S Types – love present reality and concrete

If you are a SFs, you express yourself through experiences and actions. You are fun, adventurous and an “always there for you homeschooler”.

If you are a ST, you prefer logic and order and achieve it through neatness, words and high standards. You are the “get it done” homeschooler and it would never cross your mind to slack off.

ISTJ – the responsible homeschool mom

If your this mom, you’ve always got a plan and a strong sense of responsibility. You’re very black-and-white, which somethings makes it difficult to be flexible. But your concern creates an atmosphere of security and interest in the real world and daily life.

  • Your strengths: consistency, boldness, stability, managing details.
  • What you struggle with: rigidity, losing sight of the big picture, perfectionism.
  • Best type of curriculum: a boxed curriculum will be the best fit or something that is very structured

ESTP – the adventurous homeschool mom

You are a matter-of-fact type that is full of energy and enthusiasm. You love field trips and interest base studies with lots of hands on projects. And you love to make the world your classroom for your children.

  • Your strengths: flexibility, sense of wonder & fun, living in-the-moment alongside her children
  • What you struggle with: keeping a routine, distractedness, being at home too much
  • Best type of curriculum: something with hands-on projects, adventures, field trips, and experiences

ISTP – the diy homeschool mom

You are the kind of mom that likes your child to be himself. You love doing experiments. You’re not authoritarian, prefer to have less direct guidance and like to let your kids learning for themselves, even if it maybe a little messy. You are a chill homeschool mom and like you’re kiddos to try out all of kinds of things.

  • Your strengths: non-controlling, respectful discussion, fostering self-sufficiency
  • What you struggle with: lack of assertiveness, teaching
  • Best type of curriculum: lots of independent learning and conversations, little direct instruction, and lots of exploration.

ESTJ – the down-to-earth homeschool mom

You are the homeschool mom that everyone can count on to take charge and make things happen. You love being effective and busy with things. You love to have consistent routines, well defined standards that help your child feel secure and confident.

  • Your strengths: practical, realistic, community-minded
  • What you struggles with: can be controlling, lose sight of the bigger picture, have a hard time sticking out a long process without concrete results.
  • Best type of curriculum: find a method that you really like and stick with it (unless of course it doesn’t work), you might also enjoy leading a co-op, or being a leader of a homeschool group

ISFJ – the nurturing homeschool mom

You’re the mom that doesn’t like attention to be drawn to yourself, but you’re always focused on caring for your family. You are very supportive and love caring for others. You dislike conflict though, so homeschooling becomes very difficult when there is push back or frustration by your children.

  • Your strengths: caring, loyalty, attentive
  • What you struggles with: a lack of confidence, hate conflict and guilt about doing things wrong
  • Best type of curriculum: something that is laid out well and is all together which allows you to spend that time with your children and helps you be supportive in helping them learn

ESFP – the in-the-moment homeschool mom

You are the very outgoing mom who wants to be apart of a co-op or some kind of group. You love getting out of the house and learning through experiences. You are attentive and engaged with your child and are very social. You’re good at seeing what your kiddos need and talking to them about any subject.

  • Your strengths: flexible, realistic, attentive, social
  • What you struggle with: have a hard time dealing out consequences, take things personally, and tend to be more of a helicopter parenting.
  • Best curriculum style: group learning and lots of conversations

ISFP – the generous homeschool mom

You take your responsibility of homeschooling your child seriously. You enjoy pouring yourself out and are quiet and unassuming. You can adapt easy and prefer being a role model to your children, then by directly instructing them.

  • Your strengths: attentive, a good role model, love being there for your family
  • What you struggles with: people-pleasing, routines & organization, assertiveness
  • Best type of curriculum: book based and something you feel like prepares your child for life

ESFJ – the companionable homeschool mom

You love to homeschool because your family can be all together and you love being apart of every moment with your children. You absolutely love creating a life-style of love and learning. You tend to prefer active and hands on lifestyle.

  • Your strengths: cultivating relationships, mentoring your kids
  • What you struggle with: perfectionism
  • Best type of curriculum: lots of activities and community with other people, leading a co-op

The N Types – love ideas and connection

You are more theoretical than concrete and usually shy away from intuitive types. You have a hard time with physical order but your decisions are well researched and solid. You are a natural homeschooling mom because you love to learn.

If you are a NFs, you are empathic and love cultivating relationships and you do so without even realizing it.

If you are a NTs, you prefer logic and order through research or systems. You would find yourself saying, “I’ll do it my own way”.

INFJ – the understanding homeschool mom

You want to provide a safe and understanding atmosphere for your children. You are a good listener and mentor to them. But you tend to be hard on yourself because of your ideal vision never matches up to your real world.

  • Your strengths: dedication, relationship-building, understanding each of her child’s unique needs and abilities, a sense for how to help each child over his own difficulties
  • What you struggle with: you can ignore your own needs because you are serving everyone else, perfectionist, avoid conflict
  • Best type of curriculum: you will enjoy a loose curriculum that leaves room for conversations, enjoying the beauty around you and fits your child’s needs

ENFP – the creative homeschool mom

You are the fun mom. You say yes to play dough, field trips, finger paints and whatever else your children are interest in doing. You love stories and games, but most of all you love your family. The ENFP is the ultimate fun mom.

  • Your strengths: flexible, seeing a need and wiling to drop everything to meet it, love building relationships
  • What you struggle with: being consistent and distracted, being too visionary at times, drained by anything too rigid or detailed
  • Best type of curriculum: something basic and that leaves room for spontaneity, don’t go for the boxed curriculum as it will drain you and your love of learning

INFP – the tuned-in homeschool mom

You are a mom who takes your cues from your kids and their needs. You are attentive and sensitive and love to let your kids explore things they are interested in. You love creating happy memories and watching your child enjoy life.

  • Your strengths: building relationships, being there for your kids, attentiveness, showing understanding
  • What is a struggle for you: you avoid conflict, get easily overwhelmed, don’t like making decisions
  • Best type of curriculum: something that does a lot of reading and conversation, independent studies with one-on-one guidance rather than instruction

ENFJ – the enthusiastic homeschool mom

You are a natural homeschooling mom. You love teaching and reaching your child’s heart. You love to watch them grow and finding what is right for each child and where they are at. You are energetic and happy and love being close with your kiddos.

  • Your strengths: teaching, relationship-investment activities like read-alouds and family vacations
  • What you struggle with: people-pleasing, anxiety
  • Best type of curriculum: go with what you think fits your child best, probably will be a more eclectic style

INTJ – the determined homeschool mom

You much prefer to do things your own way. You have a zero tolerance for stupidity and prefer to be unconventional. You love creating systems, but follow through becomes tedious and draining.

  • Your strengths: confidence, problem-solving, fosters independence in your children
  • What you struggle with: handling noise, showing affection, noticing emotional or physical cues
  • Best type of curriculum: you won’t like things that are scripted and will enjoy things focused on reading and writing with a few other activities that are more STEM based

ENTP – the unconventional homeschool mom

You are energetic and very confident. You love letting your children exercise independence early on and rather than stepping in, you prefer to have them learn from experiences. You don’t worry what others think, which allows you to fully embrace your freedom to homeschool, however works best for your family.

  • Your strengths: fostering independence & a learning lifestyle, teaching through real life, seizing opportunities when they arise
  • What you struggle with: abruptness, impatience with details, when your children are clingy or needy
  • Best type of curriculum: a mixture of idea and book work with lots of activities

INTP – the intellectual homeschool mom

You have read all the books you could get your hands on before you started homeschooling. You love learning and growing yourself.

  • Your strengths: a contagious love of learning, calm dedication
  • What you struggle with: getting overwhelmed by details, have a hard time making decisions, hyper-focus
  • Best type of curriculum: ready to go program that is book-centered and discussion-based

ENTJ – the decisive homeschool mom

Once you decide what you are going to do, you are dedicated and unwavering. You get things done, while also keeping the big picture in mind. You are not afraid to go away conventional, but willing to do whatever it takes to reach your end goal.

  • Your strengths: strong will, vision, cultivate independence, love deep conversations
  • What you struggle with: changing plans according to a child’s need, slowing down, self criticism
  • Best type of curriculum: something that is thorough and teacher-friendly; something that has checklists; having a community that supports your vision for homeschooling and even leading it

You are so uniquely made, sweet mom! And I hope you were able to see how important your personality type is in helping you teach your children. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. As you pinpoint those areas of weaknesses, find ways to grow in them. Take joy in your strengths. And as you sift through curriculum, keep in mind your teaching style so you can homeschool with confidence and joy!

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