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Sifting through curriculum Part 3 – What is your purpose in homeschooling?

April 3, 2020

I have saved the most important part for last. You can know your kids learning style and know your teaching style, but if you don’t have your purpose everything will crumbles for lack of direction. Especially if you don’t have it written out, when those hard days come they’ll leave you feeling even more discouraged. And wondering why in the world you ever started homeschooling.

It’s not good enough to have them “written” in your head. Because when the days come where you are fighting with your kid to get their school done (and then they do everything wrong on purpose…). Then in the middle of a history lesson you realize your toddler is gone, so you run to see what their doing and find him playing with a plunger in the toilet. Those reasons that you had in your head all of a sudden seem to be erased, and you’re ready to call it quits. This is why I would encourage you to write those reasons down, so that when those days come you can pull them out and be reminded of truths of why you are homeschooling.

They can range from academical, protecting kids from bad influences, spending more time with them, being able for kids to have more time playing, etc. So take some time and come up with your purpose for homeschooling. Then with those reasons, look at your curriculum choices. Do they line up with your purpose? Are they going to help you achieve your goals?

Maybe though you didn’t choose to do school at home, but now with all the schools shut down you find yourself not having a choice. You’re wondering how you’re going to even last to the end of the week, much less maybe the rest of the year. Let me encourage you to take a step back and reevaluate as well. What do you want this time to look like? How can you take advantage of this time? What can you do maybe as a reward for accomplishing school at the end of the day for you and your child? Write those things down so you can be reminded of those truths as well.

As we wrap of this series, remember you can do this sweet friend, and you don’t have to do it alone. Let’s lock arms and walk this journey together.

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