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A Schedule that will help your child gain independence

May 18, 2020

Are you looking for a simple way to help your kids gain independence with their school work? I have got a solution for you! 🙂

I used a less pretty version of this a while back and it worked great. But then I thought it would be a fun idea to switch it up (FYI if you have a system that’s working, learn from my mistake and DON’T switch it ;)). I started writing all my kids assignments out in a notebook, including all the pages, etc. That way we could both see where they were at. However, problems arose when I didn’t have time to write their assignments out and my kids would “forget” a subject. Then I wouldn’t realize it til the end of the week. Writing out everyones assignments was a very time consuming process for 3 kiddos. Which meant that it wasn’t truly practical and realistic.

So I went back to the system that worked in the first place! Making it more pretty and unique for each kid. Using these has been my biggest success for helping my kids know exactly what they are suppose to do in the day, plus it gives them the satisfaction of checking a subject off (because who doesn’t love checking something off a list!), and helps me know exactly where they are at with their school.

Is your kid fighting school? Maybe it’s because they don’t know what’s expected of them in a day and need to actually see it. Kids want to know what’s expected of them, just like us. This is truly such a simplified and realistic way for your child to do that!

Here is a closer look at my kindergarteners. Wondering what he uses for each of those subjects? Check out this link.
My 3rd graders list. Wednesday I will be sharing her box!
My 4th graders list, which will be coming soon for what she does for each subject!

These dry erase pockets are such a great holder for the schedules! I have talked about it before, but each one of my kids has a different color assigned to them. So I was excited to find each of their colors! 🙂

My kids now know what’s expected of them in a day for school. Which has caused less fights, and more independence because if they want they can get a jump start on their school work and get done earlier. It gives us a guidance for what they need to get done, without any work on my part each week! 🙂

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