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Simplify your weekly homeschool planning – Free download!

May 19, 2020

Have you ever gotten a planner and been so excited about it? This planner was going to solve all your organizational needs and help you feel better prepared in your homeschooling year. However, as you started filling it out you began filling overwhelmed at how much time it took and that you’d be doing that every week. Maybe you realized that there wasn’t enough spaces for all your kids too. Or that you needed more space for different things. You do it for a few weeks, but stop as it’s just another added thing in the midst of so much already on your plate. So you go back to winging it each week, but with no plan you lose track of subjects or where you’re suppose to be in a book. And that you were suppose to go over a lesson with one of your kids and you realize you have nothing prepped for it.

Over my many years of homeschooling, this has been the story of my life! I have tried a TON of planners. Especially ones specifically for homeschooling. But I always felt like something was missing. I just wanted something simple that I could customize to fit my families needs. So we set out to create one that was simple, customizable, and pretty (because looking at something pretty always make things so much more enjoyable ;)).

I want to give this to you for free. Either you can download and print it and put it in a binder. Or print out enough for a year of schooling and bind them together. However you use it, I hope that it is a tool that helps you in your homeschooling journey!

I’ll show you how I use mine, but feel free to use it however works for your family!

I love how everything is laid out nicely on the first page of all our group work.

The second page contains everything each one of your kiddos needs to do independently. Here I only include what I need to help them with. For example, say there’s a new concept in my kids math lesson that I need to make sure we spend some extra time on, I will add that in there. But I don’t write word for word exactly everything they need to do themselves that day. That’s where my children’s schedules that I created for each of them comes in.

I hope you enjoy it! Be sure to share with someone you know needed a simplified homeschooling planner! Also tag me on Instagram with how you use it as I would love to see and share it! 🙂

Locking arms with you in your homeschooling journey,


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