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Slow down – A note to myself

February 24, 2020

Slow down and just be in the moment.

Take in the small things…the mundane tasks and eager little faces that greet you throughout the day. Find joy in the everyday moments. The smiling face of a little boy covered in oatmeal…the excitement of your son who once hated school, now sitting with eagerness…your daughter with her vivid imagination telling a story that her and the rest of the kids are acting out…the hugs and kisses to another little boy who tripped and hurt his knee…and your oldest just wanting to be near her mama throughout the day so while cleaning the kitchen she just sits and reads so that she can be by you.

Take in those moments. Those moments of a short prayer with your husband before you part ways. The morning snuggles and words of “I choose you today” whispered before your feet have touched the floor. The blessing of doing life together each day with the love of your life and best friend.

Breathe deep… of the little girls giggling when their suppose to be asleep. The moments when you see something has finally clicked for a child. The joy that feels your heart when they embrace the love of reading and you all go to the library and hit your max of books you can check out.

Rest…in the peace of God knowing He will give you everything you need for the day. That homeschooling is not a race but a journey.

Just be in the moment…don’t worry about running to grab the camera to capture it. Take it in and imprint it on your heart before it’s gone. Some moment are no one else but your own.

Stop running…remember the blessings when chaos overwhelms. Each day is a gift…each breathe a choice to be thankful or look at the hardships.

Life is full of the mundane and everything moments, so choose joy in them.

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