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The Good and the Beautiful Book List

December 6, 2018

In homeschooling or just parenting in general, it’s so hard to navigate what’s good for your kids to read. Especially, if you have a child who loves to read and devours books! It’s difficult to know if the books they just got in their stack from the library or as a present has content that you want your kids putting before their eyes. For our family, I want our kids to read books that have solid morals and that the characters talk in a way that’s honoring to one another. That they would be books that are pure, lovely, true and all the things that God wants us to dwell on. But sifting through books trying to find that is very hard! And to make it a bit more challenging, my girls read faster than I can keep up!

That is way I am beyond grateful for the book list The Good and The Beautiful put out because they do all the hard work for you!! This list is amazing!!! If there is a must have for all parents, whether you homeschool or not it is this book list. They write in there the different levels, moral merit, literacy merit, educational value PLUS they give you an except of what the book is about. I am totally serious that I love this list SO much!

About a week before I downloaded this, my oldest had been given a bunch of chapter books by someone that was fictional stories about horses (which she is obsessed with). I had never heard of the series and from the cover and back excerpts they looked good and seemed to be fine. After downloading this book list and then the book lists for the books that didn’t make the list download (which is separate and you have to email for it, but definitely encourage that one as well!), I saw that it was on that list and the reasons why. I am SO grateful that I had these list to help me and then encourage her in ones that are more wholesome and beautiful literature.┬áIt’s also got ideas for Christmas books too (I just used it to request a bunch from the library to read during our morning time :))!

The best part too is that this book list is FREE right now!!! Seriously, I’m slow to promote something but this you will not regret downloading and will be such a help in navigating books for your children, teenagers or read aloud for you to read to your family.

Download here!

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