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The Good and the Beautiful Math 3 – up close and first thoughts

June 22, 2020

In over 5 years of homeschooling my own children, plus being homeschooled all the way through myself, I have been through a lot of different math programs. The one that we have stayed with the longest and that has worked best for our family has been Horizons math (click here for the up close). It has given us a solid foundation and my kids have done well with it overall. I also liked the fact that it was straight to the point and wasn’t teacher intensive. But for the past 2 years or so, we have struggled with their math and the lack of teacher’s help for teaching new concepts. I also began seeing that my kids could do different math equations, but they didn’t understand why they were doing them. They could work out the problem in their math book, but they weren’t really seeing the connection to real life and how to practically use it.

Through research, prayer, and taking a step back to evaluate what my focus is in homeschooling. I decided to make a switch! For a while I have been drawn to The Good and the Beautiful Math and how amazing it looked. I also thought that we use everything else from them and my kids are thriving, the one area is math that isn’t going the best which we don’t use from them…so maybe there’s a correlation? 😉

Truthfully, though I’ve always been really nervous about trying something so hands-on. It seemed like it would be very overwhelming, and I didn’t know if it would be possible to do with multiple kids. But after looking through part 1 book of level 3, it gives me hope that not only can we do a more hands on program, but it also doesn’t have to be overwhelming either! Not only can my kids have fun doing math and it be practical, but I can still keep my sanity as well! 😉

My plan is to switch all my kids coming soon here, so I’ll have one in level 3, 1, and K. Then when 4 is released in December I’ll switch my oldest daughter into it as well. So if you’re interested in seeing our journey using it with multiple kids and organizing it, be sure to subscribe and stay tune for more post coming out! 🙂

Here is everything that is included in the set (Part 2 book hasn’t been released but is estimated to be around October). Other than the Part 1 book, everything else is included in the Math activity box 3/4.
At the beginning it goes over the philosophy and focus for how they teach the program.
Here it gives a glance at everything that is going to be covered in the course.
They also spend time going over each part of the course and give an overview of it all.
I love how these beautiful stories are woven into the math lessons!
Each lesson starts with a “Daily Dose” of things you do together. Some more independent kiddos could do some of these probably themselves. At the beginning of the lessons, there is also a yellow ribbon at the top that shares if there is anything extra needed for the lesson.
I love how it lays out everything so nice on how to teach the concepts!!
Here is a spot talking about the Math Journal and directing you on how to use it. We’ll look at the Math Journal soon, as it is one of my favorite parts to this level!
Each lesson then ends with their “Independent Activities” for things they can do on their own.
Love how colorful and not overwhelming these student worksheets are!
And that they use such beautiful illustrations throughout the course.
Here is another look at the a “Daily Dose”.
Here is a spot where you use the Numbered Game Cards that are included in the activity box.
In some lessons they also have an optional lesson extension if your child with a sibling or parent wanted to play together.
At the back of the book are multiplication worksheets and other extras used in different lessons.
Now let’s jump into what’s in the activity box! Can we just talk about for one minute though how cute this box is? 🙂 I love how they truly think about the details and make even the boxes beautiful!
This booklet is filled with how to play all of the games and what is needed for each.
This is probably one of my favorite parts to this and such an amazing idea! Has your child ever come across a problem that they don’t remember going over or how exactly to do it? This math journal will solve that! When they go over a concept they will write it in their math journal, so they can easily turn to it to review it. Plus, it will also help the concept sink into their minds more by writing it all out.
How cute is this all laid out too!
It also gives a spot at the end for extra notes or things your child would like to remember.
These are some of the 15 double-sided Pentomino Work Mats that come in it, along with the wooden Pentominoes.
There are 11 game mats also included in the box.
Also comes with 3 different dices and 4 game pieces.
Lastly, in the box are these number cards.

I am excited to make this switch and really think it will help my kids not only have fun doing math, but help them understand how math relates to real life. My daughter is very excited about starting it, and my other kids are now itching to have such a beautiful, hands- on math as well! 🙂

More to come in the next few weeks of how I’m going to organize it, the other levels we are doing, and how I’m going to balance it with 2 other kiddos being in different levels!

If you are interested in purchasing level 3 as well, check it out here. Or for seeing more levels or other curriculum from The Good and the Beautiful curriculum, check it out here.

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