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The Good and the Beautiful Math Level 1 – up close and first thoughts

July 13, 2020

If you are looking for a hands-on math, that lays everything out for you in an easy to follow way, you’ve got to check out The Good and the Beautiful math! If you missed my post before, I am switching it up and changing all my kiddos math curriculum. I have been notice gaps and areas that I didn’t feel like they were strong in (for more details check out the link). So we have made the switch!

We’ve been using their math for about 2 weeks, and so far are loving it! 🙂 I’m going to do a post later about how I’m teaching multiple levels and all my thoughts on their math programs. But til that gets posted, let me tell you that I have been blown away and already seen a difference since switching!

Starting with the activity box, again I love all their details and thought put into every level!
Here is everything that is inside the box.
These are the game mats that help reinforce concepts in a fun way.
6 chipboard pages that you pop out. Either you can put in the pages they give you or in a small dividing container.
Cards that are integrated into the lessons or games.
Here is an up close look at more of the game mats.
Also comes with 44 double-sided tangram work mats and cards (these are some of my kiddos favorite things to do).
The game instruction booklet that tell you all about how to play the specific games.
Game pieces
10 wooden mini 3D shapes
Counting chips
Domino cards
Measuring tape
Love this cute clock!
Now let’s take a closer look at the course books!
Here is everything that is covered in Part 1.
At the beginning it also gives an overview of the course.
Every day starts with the daily dose that you do together. It will also let you know at the top if theres anything you need extra and what you need from the activity box. Then it lays everything out that you are to teach that day and ends with their student worksheet that they can complete independently. Most days there is also have a bonus activity that they can do.
Love the fun worksheets and games throughout it.
Another look at the daily doses.
Here is a spot that you would use the cards and domino cards from the activity box.
One of the things that I really appreciate in their math is that it is practical real life math.
Book 2
Overview of what is covered in Part 2 book.
Example of an independent activity.
I love how everything is so nicely laid out and exampled for how to teach.
The last thing it comes with, but certainly not least, is the planner. A hands-on approach to teach your child dates, months, and how to use their time wisely.
Stickers they put on it.
“About me” page.
At the front of the book, it gives instructions for how to use it based on what lesson you’re in.
Example of the calendar that they fill in.

And that is the whole of what Math 1 look like! 🙂 We just started it last week, but so far am loving it. To see more levels, samples, or purchase for yourself, click here!

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