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The Good and the Beautiful – Science unit – Mammals

April 6, 2020

This is the newest science unit that The Good and the Beautiful has released. We have done about 5 of their science unit and I didn’t think their units could get any better. But then I got this one and I am in love even more! Now let’s get an up close look here, so you can see how amazing this product is too!

At the beginning of the unit, it will have a list of everything you’ll need for each lesson. I love that most of the things are supplies we already have at home!
Here are some of the vocabulary words, typically I laminate them (so they can last through my kiddos ;)) and put them on a board we have in our dining room (aka school room)
Look at this amazing map! As you study each animal, you put one of the stickers on the country that it is from.
Each lesson is laid out in detail for what you are suppose to do and say, which means no guesses or trying to figure out yourself! And for those just want a guide it’s perfect too because then you can just hit the highlights.
This is the extension for grades 7-8 and I love the fact that they are doing these so you can combine more of the older grades. Look how colorful and detailed these lessons are too (I’m a visual person so I love how beautiful the pictures are :))!
I love all the amazing paintings they’ve incorporated in this unit!
These are the mini books that go along with the lessons. One great thing is that you don’t have to worry about getting a bunch of other books to go along with it, because these mini books cover so much!
This is the first unit that they have also written books to go along with it! And as always, they don’t disappoint!
From the book Can you track that?
Marvelous Mammals from Down Under
Mammals of Small Pond

We cannot wait to start this study next month! If you have any questions, comment below!

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