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The Good & The Beautiful – Human Body – Lessons 1-3

May 24, 2019
“Inside your outside”

The first lesson introduces what the unit is all about, Our Bodies. I loved the “About Me” journal page and my girls loved getting to write and draw themselves. The book we read with this one was: “Inside your outside: Inside the Human Body”. This was such a fun books that my kiddos loved reading (we read it more than once ;)). We also started our science wall with 3 new vocabulary words!

Lesson 2 starts on the Skeletal system and explaining it. It has a easy activity that really helped my kiddos see how the bones and cartilage work! We got to label the skeleton with the different names of the bones. And then we did our read alouds. We did three books for this lesson: “A Book about your Skeleton” by Ruth Belov Gross, “Bones” by Seymour Simon, and “Your Body Battles a Broken Bone” by Vicki Cobb. Our favorites though were the first and last one. I think if I had older kids they would have enjoyed the one by Seymour Simon but it was a little too wordy and not enough pictures to keep them attention. 🙂 We ended it with a journal page about what we learned. I really loved the journal pages as I thought it really helped tie it all in and help them remember what they learned.

Then in lesson 3 we start learning more about the muscles and the importance of them. It has a simple project to illustrate how muscles work. And we learned how muscles not only help us move but they help our organs function. I learned SO much this lesson! 🙂 We read two books for this one but our favorite one was “Bend and Stretch” by Pamela Hill Nettleton. My kiddos loved the illustrations in this book. We add a lot more vocabulary words to our “wall”. Finally, we finished it up with our journal page.

I will do lesson 4-10 in the next post. If you have any questions about it feel free to comment below. 🙂

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