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The Good & The Beautiful Pre-K – up close and review from a mom of 5

March 25, 2020

I have never done an official pre-k curriculum before…let me rephrase that…I’ve never stuck with a pre-k curriculum, because they all seemed overwhelming and a lot added to my already full plate. But now having a 4th grade, 3rd grader, kindergarten, a preschooler and a 2 year old, who just wants to destroy things during school time. I needed something that was laid out for me, or else I knew that as much as my preschooler wanted to do school like his siblings, I just wouldn’t be able to juggle it.

When I saw The Good and The Beautiful’s pre-k course, I fell in love immediately with how beautiful, colorful and fun it looked. But would that be able to keep us consistent with it and keep my preschooler engaged? Would I be able to juggle doing it, along with teaching my other kiddos?

We just finished up the book a few months ago and I have to tell you…I am VERY impressed! First my son LOVED the book! Each day, he couldn’t wait to do his lesson and he learned so much in each lesson, but was never overwhelmed. On top of learning his letters and sounds, he got introduced to money, numbers up to 10 and a review of shapes and colors. We both loved how each lesson was a little different and would go over different things and then circle back through again. It truly helped him really get grounded in his letters and sounds without him losing focus or getting bored.

And from a busy mom to five kiddos perspective, I LOVED the book as well! It was easy to teach from as each lesson was laid out with what to do, it wasn’t overwhelming or time consuming, and gave me such sweet time with my middle son that I truly cherished. It wasn’t ever a fight, but a fun time we both got to have together.

These were some of my sons favorite pages to do: the cutting and pasting pages! He went from cutting into the pictures where he would barely have anything to paste on the page, to by the end of it cutting on the lines!

These flip books are amazing! They make learning the upper and lower cases of letters and their sound so much fun for kids! My son loved doing these and would pull them out even if the lesson didn’t say that it was a day to do them, because he loved them so much!

The last thing that it comes with, but equally important, are the amazing games! My older kids would even stop what they were doing or grab these after school to sit and play them together. They especially loved the hiding the mouse behind the houses or pets behind the furniture games. I constantly was finding the “peanuts” everywhere too, as they would pull that out to “feed the elephant”. Each game is designed to help reinforce letters (upper case and lower case) and the sounds of the letter. Plus, it even has a little number slider to help them learn their numbers!

I plan in the fall starting my youngest with it next, at least with the games at first since he will have just turned 3 (and hopefully not such a trouble maker…). A random tip to help the game pieces last, especially if you have boys, is to laminate them. This is the laminator I got a while back and I have loved it and never had an issues with it (and I laminate everything now…I have five children so it’s become a must now for anything that is paper to last in our home lol).

I hope you enjoyed this review and it was a help to you! Click here to find out more about The Good and The Beautiful curriculum and see even more pictures of there pre-k or other products.

Be on the look out next week, as I will have the 3rd part to the “Sifting through curriculum” series; and I will be reviewing the new science unit, Mammals, sharing my thoughts on it and how I organize it for multiple kiddos.

*disclaimer: I was not paid by The Good and the Beautiful to write this review and these are my own thoughts and pictures

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