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The Good & The Beautiful Science – Human Body Part 1 Review

May 12, 2019

I cannot talk enough about how much we love The Good & the Beautiful  curriculum. It has brought so much joy and simplicity back to our homeschooling again! This year I am homeschooling three of my children and have a preschooler and toddler as well, so it’s been a very challenging year in that regard. But what has continued to help me press on has been the simplicity of this curriculum. That it is through and contains so much information, yet it is fun and engaging for us all!

As we are finishing up our science unit on the Human Body Part 1, I’d like to take the next few post to write about what we have loved about each lessons, the books we used along with it and how we have set up the curriculum to work for us. I always enjoy seeing how other homeschool mamas put together their curriculum, what they’ve found that’s help or resources they have enjoyed and to be able to get a preview of what the lessons are like. So let’s jump in! 🙂

First, let me say that I LOVE the easiness to this human body unit. With other science curriculums it has been overwhelming from the wording to the science experiments. But with TGTB the wording is detailed get simply enough for my 7 year old to understand, the experiments are with things that are not hard or expensive to find (typically things around my home), and my kids love it. We have all learned so much (myself probably more than them! ;))!

TGTB Human Body Part 1 unit has 10 lessons. You can either do a lesson in a day or you can spread one lesson out to include the read alouds on one day and the lesson on another day. We have done both ways as I love reading fun books with my kiddos or digging into things they are interested in with the units we study. I go a bit crazy sometimes on the books from the library but I love having books around for them to read more about what we are studying.

With TGTB it’s truly an open and go science unit. All you need to do is look ahead for anything you may need for the experiments, but other than that I just open it and start reading. Another one of my favorite parts is the science wall. I laminate the vocabulary words that way I can use them again when we cycle back through with my younger kiddos and we use a tri-fold board to stick them on instead of a wall (since we don’t have a homeschool room). The vocabulary cards are so colorful and beautifully done! My kids enjoy sticking them on the board and reading the definitions and they can actually understand them because they explained so well!

TGTB does such a great job of packing in a lot of information in a easy to understand way for young and old. We truly have loved going through this science unit and cannot wait for Part 2 to come out and to get into another science unit soon! But I’m getting ahead of myself! 🙂

In the next post I will break down what the lessons looked like for us and what books we found that worked well with the lessons.

Until then keep marching in your homeschool journey and if you have any questions at all feel free to leave them below 🙂


*For more about this curriculum go to www.thegoodandthebeautiful.com

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