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Top reading picks from my 4th grader!

May 29, 2020

Are you looking for some ideas for books that your 4th grader could be interested in? In this post I wanted to get my kids opinions on their favorite books they would recommend to other kiddos their ages. My two oldest are very avid readers, so when I asked them to bring me their favorite books they pretty much brought two huge stacks. After telling them their was no way I could fit that many in one picture, I had them narrow it down though to their top 10 (which then they began negotiating that some of these were series so they all counted as one ;)). So here is my 4th graders favorite books and then Monday my 3rd graders favorite books will be up!

Top picks! My two oldest are completely different in what they like to read. My oldest loves history and historical fiction, while my second loves fantasy and more story series.
She wanted to make sure I put this in there as she told me this is her favorite book to read, her bible. It was one of those moments where I thought, “Maybe I am doing something right?” 🙂
These are the Classic Start series which take classic books and break them down in a easier to read version. They have a ton of them! Check all of them out here.
We love reading the “Who was”, “What is”, and “When was” series of books! These are her favorite ones and she’s got a few more on her lists that she is saving up for. Look at more here.
I had never heard of these before til we came across the George Washington one (who is her favorite person to read about) and she loves these series of books. Here’s the link to a variety of them.
These are some of her favorite books about America history. *We have not read the whole series and some of them I’m wanting to read through before her to make sure the content is age appropriate, so wanted to note that*
This was the first ever fiction series that she read and couldn’t put down! She loves these books and has the whole series on her birthday list now. 🙂
These are great books that both my kids love! They are smaller books and beautiful stories.
We LOVE The Good and the Beautiful library books. I love that I don’t have to worry about what is inside of them, but know that the stories will be engaging, have good moral standards, and be stories they’ll enjoy over and over again. Click here for their library of books.
These are ALL my kids favorite books and are great for reading out loud to kids too!
We recently read this book for our history and now it’s become one of her favorite ones!
She has read this book a few times and loves it, we plan on reading it together this summer to finish up our history year 3 course.
She loves reading about biblical times and we found this book off of a Heart of Dakota reading list.

I hope this gives you some ideas for your kiddos of some books they might be interested in! The biggest help when I’m sifting through books has truly been The Good and the Beautiful book list. It contains over 600 books that have been reviewed and I love that they have high standards for the books they approve. There is no way I would be able to keep up and read everything my kids do, so I’m thankful that I can have them pick books off that list and know with peace of mind that they will be filling their minds with good things. You can download it for FREE here!

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