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Video of Encouragement to Hard Working Moms

March 25, 2015

I came across this yesterday and it encouraged me so much! With 3 little ones, 3 and under, I understand the overwhelming moments and times were you are so tired that you just want a 5 minute nap, but everyone is needing you at once. I want to encourage you to know that as you look to the Lord for strength He will give you what you need, moment by moment…sometimes minute by minute. Be encouraged that you are doing such a great work being a mom and have such a huge calling on your life as a mom! This is Sally Clarkson on the video, who has become one of my favorite speakers and who I’ve also started reading her book “The Mission of Motherhood” and have her newest book “Own Your Life” on its way (I’m super excited!). I’ll be doing a overview of the book for you guys when I’m done with them, so stay on the look out! (Don’t worry I didn’t forget about other book “Professional Motherhood” as I’m almost through that one and will give a full overview when I’m done! ;)) Once again, be encouraged moms and know that you are doing something you were made to do! Lean on the Lord in those overwhelming moments and He’ll give you what you need, I promise. The key thing is keeping your eyes on God and not on the storm, or sometimes the tantrum. 😉

With much love,



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