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What we are using for 2018-2019 school year

April 21, 2018

I don’t think I have ever been as excited, as much as I have been about this coming school years curriculum we are doing! We have started the math and language art already and love it so much!

*Before we start though, wanted to share that we don’t really do grades. They go through some things fast and some things slower, so I like to go at their own pace. So some things may not match up with their age/grades their technically suppose to be in (the advantages to homeschooling!). And the awesome thing about their main curriculum this year, is that it doesn’t follow a grade but levels and has assessments on their website so you can see where you’re child will be at in the levels.*

Rose, “3rd grade”:

Math: Horizons math 3

History: The Good and the Beautiful – Year 1

Science: The Good and the Beautiful – Meteorology

Handwriting: The Good and the Beautiful – level 5

Language Art: The Good and the Beautiful – level 2/3 (there are a few things with level 2 that she’s not as solid on so we’re going to go through that one at a faster pace and then move to level 3)

Grace, “1st-2nd grade”:

Math: Horizons math 2

History: The Good and the Beautiful

Science: The Good and the Beautiful – Meteorology

Handwriting: The Good and the Beautiful – level 4

Language Art: The Good and the Beautiful – level 1/2 (again going at a faster pace through level one as there are a few things she needs to be more firmer on and then moving slow through level 2)

Titus, preschool:

The Good and the Beautiful pre-k.


Now, you may see a little bit of a theme in what we’re using. This is the FIRST year I have EVER done everything from one company (they don’t have math for my girls levels yet and we have loved horizons math the past few years). We have tried numerous different curriculums but have never really loved any of them. But I have truly fallen in LOVE with The Good and the Beautiful Language Art! It has brought so much joy, simplicity and fun back into our homeschooling. The amazing thing with their language art program too is that it combines: Writing, grammar, punctuation, spelling, phonics, vocabulary and art, all in ONE book! Talk about an answered prayer in simplifying for this busy mama! Instead of multiple books for each subject, we have just ONE! There’s not even a separate teachers guide, which I love, so that it’s all together as it makes it so much more simpler! And their curriculum is SO affordable, especially for all that you get! I am so thankful I came across it and took the leap to try it!

I have never contacted a company to tell them how much of a blessing their curriculum has been, until I found The Good and the Beautiful. And I am beyond excited that they will also be sending me some different curriculum so I can share more on my blog about it and also in my community here so people can actually see it (which again I have never done before so it speaks volumes for me to be so talkative about a curriculum to people and recommending it to so many!). If you want to check it out as well, be sure to check out their website at www.jennyphillips.com . You will NOT regret looking into them!

Be on the look out in the coming weeks or hit the subscribe button, as I’m excited to do a review on each of the subjects as we are using them and how they are going in our school year! I will be homeschooling three kids this year with two toddlers so is sure to be full of adventure! 😉



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