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What’s in the box? Fourth grade

May 25, 2020

I cannot believe my oldest is in the middle of her 4th grade year! I’ve started researching what we will be using for 5th grade and can’t believe we’re getting so close to middle school!

She has been enjoying this years subjects and done really well with everything! The only rough spot that we have come across is in math with the teacher’s guides not having a lot of direction for the older graders. But everything is a tool that you can work with, so when we come to something that she isn’t quite understand I just find a video on youtube or Khan Academy to help. Out of all the math curriculums we’ve done Horizons continues to be our favorite. All my kids have really thrived with it, so I don’t have any interest in changing it. There is only one math program that I would consider trying in the future, but we will see! πŸ˜‰

So if you are looking for a spot that shows everything for a 4th grade, we are going to jump into that today!

Here is everything that she keeps in her box.
We are using The Good and the Beautiful level 4 course and she has been loving it! I have seen a difference in her writing, she loves the reading in it, and she is blowing me away with how many countries/states she knows now!
These are the grammar and geography cards that come with level 4. She loves these!
This year we went back to Horizons 4 and I noticed a huge difference. Other than having to use supplements sometimes to explain new concepts, we love this program! Here’s my flip through of level K-4.
This is our first year with Draw to Learn books and we are loving them! If you saw my 3rd graders box, you’d see she is doing Proverbs study while my oldest here is doing Psalms. Can’t recommend these enough and we will continue to use them next year!
We love The Good and the Beautiful handwriting! I also love that it combines poetry, geography, and bible verses into the lessons and each day is a little different. If you want to see more of a flip there, click here.
This is her Bible she uses for our family bible time, Draw to Learn, and to just read in general. πŸ™‚
We tried this last year, but I didn’t quite feel like she was ready for it. So we saved it for this year and she is loving it and now doing really well! So we plan on continuing with their typing program in the future. πŸ™‚
And last in her box is her school check list, pencil box, white board/marker, folder that holds extra work from language arts and then a notebook that has her journal writing.
This isn’t in her box, but is her binder that she puts extra bible worksheets, history student explorers, and science worksheets. What do we use for those subjects? For both history (here is an up close look at Years 1-3) and science we use The Good and the Beautiful. Then for Bible we go between 24 Family Ways by Clay Clarkson, and reading through Proverbs and discussing it together.

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