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What’s in the box? Third grade

May 21, 2020

Are you looking for a idea for what to use for your third grader? In this post instead of showing you subjects by subjects, I think it’s such a huge help when you can see everything as a whole you can use for a grade level. So today I’m sharing what my third grade daughter has been doing this year! πŸ™‚

Here is everything that in her box.
The Good and the Beautiful level 3. This is the older edition which we have loved and my oldest daughter did last year. They just released the new edition at the beginning of May (which looks incredible!), but she is already 75% of the way through it. So I figured I should continue to press on in our current edition instead of getting the new edition (I was definitely VERY tempted though!). πŸ™‚
This was our first year trying the Draw to Learn by Notgrass and my girls LOVE them! This is an older edition, but one of their favorite things to do. And something we will be continuing to do next year.
The Good and the Beautiful Handwriting. She is loving this book too! My daughter went from not liking cursive to now loving it! So thankful! πŸ™‚ Here is a link to my post with a flip through of the different levels.
Horizons 3, I did a review and flip through of their math levels here.
Also in her box she has her school list, white board, marker, box that holds pencils/colors, her bible, and then two notebooks. One notebook is her journal writing and the other is for history coloring pages that she cuts out and paste in it.
The last thing she has is her binder. It isn’t in her box, but we keep it on the shelf. In it is her bible papers, spelling list, language art stories, poetry, history and science worksheets.
We use The Good and the Beautiful History Year 3, which we are absolutely loving! And I love that I can use it for all my kiddos.

And that’s it! I love how minimal everything is and how it all fits in one box!

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