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Hi, I’m Erin!

I am the wife to an amazing man, husband, daddy and church planting pastor, mommy to 5 adorable little kiddos ages 7 and under, and most of all I’m a follower of Jesus Christ. I love playing dominoes with my girls, reading and playing cars with my oldest two little guys and cuddling with my little boy, dates with my husband and quiet time with a journal, my Bible and a cup of hot tea.

Throughout this blog you’ll find writings from a mommy going through the tantrums of the toddler years, starting the navigation through the middle years (those between toddler and preteen years), books that have challenged me, life in ministry, balancing homeschooling and my journey to becoming a woman after God’s own heart. I definitely don’t have it all together and am still trying to find a cleaning schedule to keep my house in order! 🙂 But my utmost desire is to encourage, challenge and spur on my readers to follow the Lord. And to encourage other moms to realize that they don’t have to be frazzled or in survival mode, but can have a peace and joy even in the hardest of days because of keeping their focus on the Lord.

Thank you for joining with me in this journey! 🙂






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