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About Me


Hi, I’m Erin!

A wife to the love of my life and best friend, homeschooling mom to 5 kiddos, and most importantly, a follower of Jesus Christ. 

I’m just like any other mom out there, trying to balance kiddos and a house that never seems to stay clean for long, making meals just as I finish cleaning up from the meal before, and doing my best to stay up with the perpetually growing laundry situation that seems to be recreated every day, regardless of the number of times I run the washer and dryer.

God has given me a passion for homeschooling and a desire to come along side other moms in their homeschooling journey. 

I know the journey of homeschooling can feel very overwhelming and isolating (I have been there too many times to count!). So my passion is to use what God has shown me in our homeschooling journey to give you encouragement and help equip you to have confidence and find joy in the journey you are on! Homeschooling doesn’t just have to be something we do in our day, but it can be a way of life.  A way to come along side our children to see who they are and what their passions are. To help them have confidence for the dreams that they want to pursue in life. And to pour into them during the short years we have with them. I know the days seem long (trust me with five kiddos some days can feel very long ;)) but I once read this quote that said we only have 18 summers with our kids, so make the most of them. Wow! What a wake up call to me to remember!

With every word you read I pray that you are encouraged and reminded that you are not alone. And that we are better together in this journey of life.

I’m looking forward to seeing how God uses this humble offering to equip and encourage you wherever you might be today.

Here’s to the journey!