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Writing a transcript – plus free blank form!

April 24, 2020

Just the word transcript can sound a bit intimidating. But I am here to reassure you that it doesn’t have to be! 🙂

Now you may be asking: what is the importance of a transcript? A transcript is one of the most important things you need for your high schooler. This will show all that they have accomplished and is the form that colleges, military, scholarship committees, trade schools, apprenticeships, even insurance companies ask for it. During the next 4 years, your top priority will be keeping good records and turning that into your child’s transcript.

So now that know the importance of a transcript, how do you write one? There are two ways to write a transcript the super detailed way and the simplistic way.

The HSLDA has an amazing resource that actually shows in depth the process of putting together a transcript, either the simple way or the detailed way. They explain how to calculate a gpa, what goes on it and even gives forms that have examples. Plus blank ones for you to download! Truly the best explanation I have found and that can easily be replicated! Their site is difficult to navigate through, so I included a specific link that will bring you right to the part on the page with it on there.

Don’t be overwhelmed by writing a transcript. You’ve got this, friend! Just take it step by step! 🙂

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